Barstool Sports Tries Vegemite

18 Th02, 2021
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  • I’ve never met Tommy. I don’t like Tommy 😂

    Avery BlueAvery Blue18 giờ trước
  • Its like a sour yeast soysauce flavour and its ok at best

    Aiden SnackladAiden SnackladNgày trước
  • Soon as i watched this i had 2 slices and love it 🇦🇺

    John ByrneJohn Byrne3 ngày trước
  • Tommy's the kid who ran around in school pretending to be a jet fighter....🤦🏼‍♀️

    62cripple62cripple5 ngày trước
  • Why don’t you the barstools employees with insta tag or you tube while on screen helps them and the company grow

  • Tommy’s humor reminds me of my old Jewish neighbor

    Andres LopezAndres Lopez7 ngày trước
  • “Lowering the bar” is the best segment on barstool it needs its own channel to blossom like “hot ones”.

    T MartT Mart8 ngày trước
  • The fact that half of them sat there and ate it without the gag and spitting out made this the best episode yet

    PengsashaPengsasha9 ngày trước
  • Just not the same without Feitelberg@

    Goody TRDGoody TRD9 ngày trước
  • The country hoedown going on in the background of this video is wild. Gotta love that royalty free music

    Nate CatanzariteNate Catanzarite9 ngày trước
  • tommy has the most punchable face at barstool.

    Everett HaileyEverett Hailey9 ngày trước
  • As a proud Aussie, you lot really messed up the creation of it. You need to have a lot of butter on there first and then a thin spread of vegemite. It is delicious! Cheese and Vegemite sandwiches are big here

    Jackson MewsJackson Mews9 ngày trước
  • From a Australian: thin layer with butter. Delicious 🤤🇦🇺

    Willy WattWilly Watt10 ngày trước
  • Holy fuck just realised Tommy is the embodiment of Melvin the giraffe from Madagascar

    Jayden GarciaJayden Garcia10 ngày trước
  • God I hate tommy

    Zach PowellZach Powell10 ngày trước
  • nick is trying way too hard.

    Travis BickleTravis Bickle10 ngày trước
  • Tommy just looks so fragile

    Devin GudelskiDevin Gudelski10 ngày trước
  • "It's-" "Poison!" "Yes."

    TroyTroy10 ngày trước
  • We're happy little Vegemites As bright as bright can be We all enjoy our Vegemite For breakfast, lunch and tea Our mummies say we're growing stronger Every single week Because we love our Vegemite We all adore our Vegemite It puts a rose in every cheek

    Greg TGreg T10 ngày trước
  • Tommy asking for a 6 on the toaster scale is just further proof he’s a psychopath. Him then complaining about it is quintessential Tommy Smokes. What a weenie

    Ryan IRyan I10 ngày trước
  • Hire Frankie Muniz

    Paul GiamattiPaul Giamatti10 ngày trước
  • God Tommy is the worst type of guy

    Nick MarquartNick Marquart10 ngày trước
  • Tommy Smokes sucks

    Andy DelgadoAndy Delgado11 ngày trước
  • Where is Tank? Frank the tank needs to be on every lowering the bar

    Nicholas KNicholas K11 ngày trước
  • 2:38 Vibbs bothers me here... pop the fucking toast up she said it 4 times?

    Google AccountGoogle Account11 ngày trước
  • Tommy is so annoying

    Ian SauerIan Sauer11 ngày trước
  • the numbers on a toaster are length of toasting. not colour of toast.

    MaTT E.MaTT E.11 ngày trước
  • Idk why dude but I find kelly the hottest

    Sir. Smoke a lotSir. Smoke a lot11 ngày trước
  • Just here to read all the fuck Tommy comments

    Tyler LuckTyler Luck11 ngày trước
  • Kelly Keegs looks like she's 55 years old

    Tanner WoodsTanner Woods11 ngày trước
  • AMERICANS!! You’re doing it WRONG! HEAPS of BUTTER and a very very light spread of Vegemite! And yes Glenny, it comes in big Jars! And get your facts right, most Aussies HATE it and we DON’T put it on everything!!!

    BlackwoodhoodsBlackwoodhoods11 ngày trước
  • I'm very proud of the character Bri has become in her short time at barstool

    waitwho19waitwho1911 ngày trước
  • Vegemite is damn delicious, but put some butter with it. Also, amazing for hangovers.

    Robyn UwURobyn UwU11 ngày trước
  • Only a peanut would eat it like that

    Henry SmithHenry Smith11 ngày trước
  • What sort of animals eat Vegemite on toast without butter ?!?! Wtf barstool

    Tom JacobTom Jacob11 ngày trước
  • I hate Tommy.

    The1Mustache3The1Mustache311 ngày trước
  • I find it so tough to believe anybody truly likes Tommy

    BensoNNicK 16BensoNNicK 1611 ngày trước
    • Tommy my boy

      Ronny WilliamsRonny Williams10 ngày trước
    • I truly like Tommy

      Soph xSoph x10 ngày trước
  • Lower the bar should do a cheap beer taste test. See who has the palate for proper tailgating

    Daniel TurczynDaniel Turczyn11 ngày trước
  • 5 minutes of hearing them all use the word like a million times incorrectly with a few literallys' mixed in. Just eat the fucking toast!

    Josh ChristianJosh Christian11 ngày trước
  • Good old Tommy. So easy to hate

    Jacob UnderwoodJacob Underwood11 ngày trước
  • its like putting a beef bouillon cube in you're mouth its horrible

    Bryce BaileyBryce Bailey12 ngày trước
  • Every time I see Tommy and hear him talk, I judge every single person who voted for him to win Surviving Barstool.

    Clint ChenowethClint Chenoweth12 ngày trước

    Tom Le RoyTom Le Roy12 ngày trước
  • Yall messed it up. The toast is correct but you shoulda put some unsalted butter on it and mixed in just a tiny bit of vegemite with the butter as it was melting. Very tiny amount of vegemite like the size of a dime. It's pretty good that way.

    Ge NoGe No12 ngày trước
  • No butter?!

    The GeneralThe General12 ngày trước
  • tommy reminds you of the one kid who ran to lunch and class. and kept pokemon cards in his pocket.

    KISSLANDD02 The party GirlKISSLANDD02 The party Girl12 ngày trước
  • liverwurst next vibs

    John PerkoJohn Perko12 ngày trước
  • Yeah maybe you should have googled how to eat Vegemite first.....

    Richard SeymourRichard Seymour12 ngày trước
  • Omg. Every time I watch an "American tries Vegemite" video they fuck it up.

    Andrew WinninAndrew Winnin12 ngày trước
  • Feits should be a requirement for every episode

    Jay WilcoxJay Wilcox12 ngày trước
  • plus it works shit on usa shitty sweet processed bread mate. where's dono when you need him oh Cambodia. do it for real mate that was not for real ( aussie bread litte bit of butter and a small amout of vegimite. )

    Stephen WattStephen Watt12 ngày trước
  • mate ..mate wtf vegimite is in a jar. gotta love usa to put it in a tooth paste container

    Stephen WattStephen Watt12 ngày trước
  • 19 hours mate!! sucks your on the east coast only 13 from LA

    Stephen WattStephen Watt12 ngày trước
  • vibbs looks like he just got revived from the dead

    JM StudiosJM Studios12 ngày trước
  • Does anyone else know that the numbers on the toaster are minutes? It's not just some type of heat scale lol

    Jeff PetreeJeff Petree12 ngày trước
  • Feits needed to be on this one

    Chase RogersChase Rogers12 ngày trước
  • vibbs not being able to toast toast is such a vibbs move

    Noah LevyNoah Levy12 ngày trước
  • Your putting it on way too thick and you gotta have butter! Omg the crimes being committed here against my people is insane!

    ZacZac12 ngày trước
  • Is it too much to ask Vibbs to try and get a simple 8 hours?

    Josh D.Josh D.12 ngày trước
  • You aussies are missing the point. This isn’t “ Vibbs makes a tasty treat” . The point is for it to taste bad. And no shit adding heaps of butter to something makes it taste better.

    Estelle GettyEstelle Getty12 ngày trước
  • Tommy stinks

    Adam BeamAdam Beam12 ngày trước
  • According to survivor, this guy is a douche lol

    JJ12 ngày trước
  • YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!!!! Butter!!!! Then a light spreading, I hate you Vibbs.

    Stuart BStuart B13 ngày trước
  • Never had this stuff but I know how to eat it right from reading Australians comments on videos of Americans doing it wrong

    William PomeroyWilliam Pomeroy13 ngày trước
  • Alright Frankie, Vegemite review time. Fun Fact @ 5:18 - she is not far off the mark. Originally Vegemite was invented due to the excess yeast after we were done brewing Fosters Beer or whatever it is you think we drink. How it went from yeast concentrate to toast, is beyond anyone’s imagination. Vegemite is definitely an acquired taste. For an enhanced experience, add a layer of tasty cheese to the toast. Solid 6.4. Shout out from an Aussie stooly, 1 bite, everybody knows the rules.

    Gianluca CaicoGianluca Caico13 ngày trước
  • Butter and vegemite fellas Get educated

    ballsfull100ballsfull10013 ngày trước
  • Do Americans not put butter on their toast first? I thought it was just because they didn't have any for the Lowering the Bar segment but nobody questioned it...

    no1raniukno1raniuk13 ngày trước
  • That’s the same gag response when we (Australians) drink American beer, horrible stuff.

    Myles McNamaraMyles McNamara13 ngày trước
  • Vibes and tommy smokes look like brothers

    Will SpreenWill Spreen13 ngày trước
  • Didn't do it right. Need butter and then a tiny bit of it! Take #2! And we don't put it on anything but toast!

    N MacN Mac13 ngày trước
  • I’ve lost so much respect for Tommy and Bri since Surviving Barstool. I cringe every time they’re on

    Cole KnoxCole Knox13 ngày trước
  • When tha requirements are to to add a tiny tiny amount onto toast with lots of butter than that says it all !

    Any Way The Wind BlowsAny Way The Wind Blows13 ngày trước
  • i cant think of anything else other than bread people put vegemite on, and wheres the butter?

    rck ismrck ism13 ngày trước
  • Americans always eat this stuff the wrong way, you need to use a decent amount of butter and then add vegemite and spread it all over.

    JazzCarDashCamJazzCarDashCam13 ngày trước
    • Vibbs if you read this, do it the right way next time.

      JazzCarDashCamJazzCarDashCam13 ngày trước
  • at least eat it properly with some butter and don't put a whole pool noodle on a toast. It's like eating spoonfuls of salt and then saying salt is disgusting.

    Patrick DreherPatrick Dreher13 ngày trước
  • God everything about tommy makes you want to punch him in his stupid face lol

    a aa a13 ngày trước
  • Vibbs, hate to break it to ya... but you didn't put vegemite on the bread, you put bread on a shit ton of vegemite. Try again, buttered toast less vegemite. Love this though man

    Griffin BeymerGriffin Beymer13 ngày trước
  • As an Australian they are doing it all wrong!

    Jamie DaouJamie Daou13 ngày trước
  • Does Vibbs know how to use a toaster?

    Dylan RossDylan Ross13 ngày trước
  • Try balute

    Free MarFree Mar13 ngày trước
  • Rone looks exactly like my Australian friend, Daniel, whom we nicknamed "Vegemite" at camp for his insane appetite for Vegemite. He made a phone call half way through the 8 week camp session to have his mother from Austrailia ship 2 more containers (same in the video) to Michigan. Legend.

    Zachary OttmannZachary Ottmann13 ngày trước
  • I actually like Vegemite.....but a jar has lasted me a year lol.

    Joshua BateyJoshua Batey13 ngày trước
  • Generation gap. Not one Men at Work reference.

    thewaitingapethewaitingape13 ngày trước
  • Vibbs looks like when Spongebob got the suds

    Jake FJake F13 ngày trước
  • What kind of monster puts vegemite on toast without a nice serving of butter?

    Jacob ReynoldsJacob Reynolds13 ngày trước
  • I feel like Trent always says "It's really not that bad". Love it.

    Ben CroninBen Cronin13 ngày trước
  • Tommy sucks

    maintenance guy Brandonmaintenance guy Brandon13 ngày trước
  • wtf mate, its lovely

    yes yesyes yes13 ngày trước
  • Glenny thinking Outback is Australian

    MCchizzleMCchizzle13 ngày trước
  • Lol they don't 'put it on everything' it's on toast for breakfast

    Kiwi DazeKiwi Daze13 ngày trước
  • I'm from Australia and half f us don't eat it but i don't mind it

    LIL' MAYOLIL' MAYO13 ngày trước
  • Marmite > Vegemite

    chris weaverchris weaver13 ngày trước
  • doing it wrong! bit if butter and half a teaspoon of vegemite

    Dan DohertyDan Doherty13 ngày trước
  • Fucking nick hahaha

    KevinKevin13 ngày trước
  • Vibbs had to have been burning those on purpose, right?

    BertBert13 ngày trước
  • Of course Tommy likes his toast burnt

    MaxMax13 ngày trước
  • It’s because of this segment I fucking subscribed... lmfaooo this shit is fuckin funny... The comments alone are fucking crazy... and Vibs is a savage lol

    John NapolitanoJohn Napolitano13 ngày trước
  • My 6th grade language arts teacher had our class try this. Awful stuff.

    Caleb RCaleb R13 ngày trước
  • i just hate tommy more and more everytime he speaks

    chris gallowaychris galloway13 ngày trước
  • The proper way of eating it is to have a very light spread on the toast, so it doesn't taste like sh?t.

    فارسيلوفارسيلو13 ngày trước