Trivia Showdown: Can The Experts Snap Their Losing Streak Against New Team? (Ep. 081 of 'The Dozen')

09 Th02, 2021
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Who do you think will win this episode of 'The Dozen: Trivia Competition'?
Brandon & PFT are on a two-match losing streak but have a chance to get back on the right side of things against a brand-new team of KFC, Pat, & Jetski. Can they pull it off, or will the misery continue?
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  • Jeff that is most definitely not Milan. That is Bologna

    Hank ShepherdHank Shepherd2 ngày trước
  • KFC would be that guy to eat during The Dozen and cereal of all things

    hookster999hookster9997 ngày trước
  • kfc should never get put on another dozen ep

    will stenmarkwill stenmark10 ngày trước
  • Watching them work out football (soccer) logos is incredibly funny to an Englishman

    Ruairi O'ConnorRuairi O'Connor13 ngày trước
  • As a Virginia Beach the hell don't you know Virginia borders the Atlantic Ocean????? and that Pusha T guess was awful...that instrumental sounds nothing at all like any Pusha T track ever recorded

    Mr. HaynesMr. Haynes15 ngày trước
  • KFC, Pat, and Jetski on the geography question might have been some of the dumbest people I’ve seen in my entire life

    Cole RabsonCole Rabson17 ngày trước
  • Used Milan twice?

    Ryan AckleyRyan Ackley17 ngày trước
  • They need troopz for soccer

    Nick KNick K18 ngày trước
  • Quick say something gay 🤣

    Nosky2Nosky219 ngày trước
  • KFC looks like he has someone googling the answers

    Cody ClemonsCody Clemons20 ngày trước
  • KFC eating cereal is a massive power move

    Matt SwensonMatt Swenson21 ngày trước
  • I think I saw this same cast of characters on Catching A Predator

    SonDimzSonDimz21 ngày trước
  • 34:19 KFC saying that Germany picking their soccer logos based on Nazi Germany is the funniest thing I've ever heard. 😂⚽🇩🇪

    Henry WoodlockHenry Woodlock21 ngày trước
  • Ya you said Milan twice what’s up with that jeff

    ShenanigansShenanigans21 ngày trước
  • Did he use to different but similar Milan logos

    ShenanigansShenanigans21 ngày trước
  • Kfc just wandering around the whole game living out his daily life

    ShenanigansShenanigans21 ngày trước
  • in soccer how the fuck did nobody get Italy on the 2nd question…literally the same logo

    Austin ChestnutAustin Chestnut21 ngày trước
  • I think that was the penguins not the blue jackets

    Jack QuinnJack Quinn21 ngày trước
  • Music was tough to watch

    Austin ChestnutAustin Chestnut21 ngày trước
  • The uniform scramble was awful. I lost brain cells hearing those answers.

    Austin ChestnutAustin Chestnut21 ngày trước
  • Does anyone else think Brandon Walker looks like Raiders Owner Mark Davis, or am I crazy?

    Alex WhisnantAlex Whisnant21 ngày trước
  • Rd 12 was cake

    Blake Thomas SelphBlake Thomas Selph21 ngày trước
  • Could Jetskis be more wrong about everything he says. Wow

    Robert AlliboneRobert Allibone21 ngày trước
  • Stop calling yourself “commissioner.” A real commissioner enforces the rules of the game and rids the game of cheaters

    David SDavid S21 ngày trước
  • So cool KFC, making some cereal during the show. So awesome brother, so non-chalant and cool. Why wait until the show's over? I'm KFC from Barstool and I have cereal whenever I want. So cool brother.

    EJS88EJS8821 ngày trước
  • For Brandon and PFT’s third player y’all should do a raffle @ $50 per ticket and put the money towards the Barstool Fund

    DanegerousOneDanegerousOne22 ngày trước
  • Bring back "Celebrity Name Puzzle"

    Jordan CuttingJordan Cutting22 ngày trước
  • Roy Oswalt. Easy. wait what? I was actually at a high school hockey game the night the Phillies resigned Cliff Lee. Some sports reporter sitting in the back of the bleachers said outloud, "I think we just got Cliff Lee." and we were all like holy shit wtf. After the game ended he told us it was a false alarm he got a text from a buddy who wasn't sure anymore and then the next day I wake up and all the headlines were PHILLIES RESIGN CLIFF LEE.

    Stephen LoganStephen Logan22 ngày trước
  • Thanks sharing your meal with us Kevin. Have some respect for Lowe and the GD show

    Clayton ShawClayton Shaw22 ngày trước
  • Texas borders the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf of Mexico is part of the Atlantic Ocean, not separate of it.

    dcrezzdcrezz22 ngày trước
  • Why do I feel like Brandon and PFT’s college football question has been asked before? The ACC team with the most conference losses, Wake Forest.

    Jordan RainwaterJordan Rainwater22 ngày trước
  • Jetski a certified dummy, who saw that coming?

    BiscayneBiscayne22 ngày trước
  • 8th Episode in a row of me commenting til we get a fan episode!

    Mothsbroths24Mothsbroths2422 ngày trước
  • Poor game all around

    TheGratis13TheGratis1322 ngày trước
  • There's a giant statue of a bear eating from a tree in downtown Madrid aka Spain easy

    Megan ReedMegan Reed22 ngày trước
  • Mind blown no one got the chargers

    Ewen WilsonEwen Wilson22 ngày trước
  • The fact that you gave them bologna and ac milan back to back and they didn't get them despite the fact that they have essentially the same logo was so funny.

    Alexander OlszewskiAlexander Olszewski22 ngày trước
  • You should do a bakers dozen about 25 most “popular” highways. weird skill that is a skill a bunch of random of people have. Brandon would also be upset everyone he got one wrong cus he would be cocky. 🤷‍♂️

    Tyler MaguireTyler Maguire22 ngày trước
  • I'm the 3rd! I know what they don't and have strategy! Lmk PFT and Brandon Walker.

    tylerwaynejamestylerwaynejames22 ngày trước
    • Nvm 🤣 But I can help

      tylerwaynejamestylerwaynejames22 ngày trước
    • Just saying

      tylerwaynejamestylerwaynejames22 ngày trước
  • Jeff really double Milan’ed em and they had no clue

    Nick TrzeckiNick Trzecki22 ngày trước
  • was anyone else screaming during the uniforms?

    Ruger WelttyRuger Weltty22 ngày trước
  • KFC got the plug on them Percocets

    StevietooyoungStevietooyoung22 ngày trước
  • If I never see KFC and his endless supply of bland hoodies in another piece of barstool content, I'll be a happy guy. Not that I think that's remotely possible

    Max HaberstrohMax Haberstroh22 ngày trước
  • holy hell jeff, stand in place without moving for one of these, please

    Cameron PCameron P22 ngày trước
  • KFC is useless

    Gary PaytonGary Payton22 ngày trước
  • Kevin objectively knows absolutely nothing

    BB22 ngày trước
  • Kirky and KFC >>>>>>>>>>pft brandon

    Prime timePrime time22 ngày trước
  • Kirk and KFC vs the world.

    Prime timePrime time22 ngày trước
  • Seriously questioning if Pat is gay after him not knowing the Ariana Grande song

    Bad Axe GamingBad Axe Gaming22 ngày trước
  • Kevin with no respect for the dozen!

    Treston DavidsonTreston Davidson22 ngày trước
  • The soccer category is so bad every time they all suck at it and it drives me nuts, I love it.

    kevinthehatguykevinthehatguy22 ngày trước
    • i dont know much about the teaMS BUT THEY HAD BASICALLY THE SAME TWO LOGOS FOR ITALY

      Caleb PikeCaleb Pike21 ngày trước
  • Show your mistakes Jeff. Don’t hide behind some bullshit edit.

    Anthony SmolaAnthony Smola22 ngày trước
  • KFC constantly walking around and eating pissed me off for some reason

    Davis EmeryDavis Emery22 ngày trước
  • Is kfc opioid abuse

    Isaac ChassmanIsaac Chassman22 ngày trước
  • Brandon and pft get ken jac unless you can steal Big Cat or Frank

    James DeGruchyJames DeGruchy22 ngày trước
  • Pat deserves better than KFC

    Jeff MillerJeff Miller22 ngày trước
  • Pusha T gotta be worst guess of all time. Worse than anything Glenny ever said. Worse than Slow Dave. Holy shit.

    Jeb JimsonJeb Jimson22 ngày trước
  • KFC eating on the program, what is this clown doing? Just no respect

    Ben LBen L22 ngày trước
  • Don't pick nadu please

    Bryce RichardBryce Richard22 ngày trước
  • lol @ the name "The Yankee Boys"

    Chase 1Chase 122 ngày trước
  • Please don't allow KFC or Pat back. KFC walking around and eating, Pat talking over people. Not needed ever again.

    Chris FestChris Fest22 ngày trước
  • Television round and shit you not off says housewives of Miami a moment after my guess.. that shit is crazy

    Anthony WilsonAnthony Wilson22 ngày trước
  • that’s the worst team to ever grace the show

    MattyIceyyyMattyIceyyy22 ngày trước
  • Thor yes

    SuperdudeSuperdude22 ngày trước
  • KFC is the fucking worst.

    Tony NaborTony Nabor22 ngày trước
  • KB gonna smoke Nadu...

    Josh ConwayJosh Conway22 ngày trước
  • Brandon shoveling snow with a spade shovel has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve heard in awhile.

    Lester AanholtLester Aanholt22 ngày trước
  • They are really really bad at the soccer logos. Even jeff had it wrong until he corrected. Phone a friend Troopz or Zah!!!

    Jonathan SmithJonathan Smith22 ngày trước
  • @15:34 did KFC just chew up a Percocet?

    TheTylamoTheTylamo22 ngày trước
    • Guys def on some opioids right

      Isaac ChassmanIsaac Chassman22 ngày trước
  • Soccer logos was tough to walk

    Will SpreenWill Spreen22 ngày trước
  • Actively imagining Brandon shoveling snow with a metal gardening shovel

    boardbruising55boardbruising5522 ngày trước
  • cumm?

    Duffed WedgeDuffed Wedge22 ngày trước
  • Unless i can see kfc’s whole body I’ll think he’s cheating

    Trevor KohlTrevor Kohl22 ngày trước
  • So Jeff used AC Milan for both questions?

    weebabyshakeusweebabyshakeus22 ngày trước
  • for their 3rd member, give them will from denver

    IcemanIceman22 ngày trước
  • Jet ski saying Pusha T was crazy

    Noah BennettNoah Bennett22 ngày trước
  • clancy s team was absolutely static

    GauNTLeT4GauNTLeT422 ngày trước
  • Get Howie Schwab

    Ryan CravenRyan Craven22 ngày trước
  • Doesn’t Texas border the Atlantic Ocean seeing as the Gulf of Mexico is a part of the Atlantic Ocean? Making the actual answer South Carolina, Texas and Virginia??

    Tyler PlatzTyler Platz22 ngày trước
  • Germany is evil come on man that's not funny

    JackJack22 ngày trước
  • get jetski out of here

    Tripp McMullanTripp McMullan22 ngày trước
  • It still bothers me that it says 24 questions when it’s really 23 because of the bonus round

    Souzar Last nameSouzar Last name22 ngày trước
    • Lol it’s actually 25, the bonus doesn’t count as a round

      Luke KirbyLuke Kirby22 ngày trước
  • KFC stop eating. Have some respect for the show.

    Ryan SchmittRyan Schmitt22 ngày trước
    • was thinking the same thing

      Andy BAndy B20 ngày trước
    • Was doing the same during the snake draft. Is his schedule really that tight?

      Jonathan MartinJonathan Martin22 ngày trước
  • These idiots never heard of Virginia Beach, lmao.

    Southern SkepticSouthern Skeptic22 ngày trước
  • KFC keeping pace with Carrabis as most useless on The Dozen.

    Southern SkepticSouthern Skeptic22 ngày trước
  • Give them hank

    Sam RentschSam Rentsch22 ngày trước
  • Gay Pat is hilarious

    Man in the CoilMan in the Coil22 ngày trước
  • I wonder who's gonna win this one.

    williams78128williams7812822 ngày trước
  • Do better jeff

    Tex 777Tex 77722 ngày trước
  • the pusha t guess was the worst guess in the world

    moses malonemoses malone22 ngày trước
  • 17:00 how did none of them see tht was chargers lol

    AVAV22 ngày trước
    • It was the easiest of the 8 letters, lol.

      Southern SkepticSouthern Skeptic22 ngày trước
  • Best part of this atrocity of a matchup was Brandon arriving in Wakanda

    Mo TibbsMo Tibbs22 ngày trước
  • KFC’s eyes were wondering

    sam zsam z22 ngày trước
    • A lot of good it did him

      MCchizzleMCchizzle21 ngày trước
  • Jeff d Lowe continues to play nothing but twelve year old girl music for those questions

    Dale MurphyDale Murphy22 ngày trước
  • this was a not good episode and i usually love everything i watch

    Brett AmorosoBrett Amoroso22 ngày trước
  • I don't think the team is that bad, they just need a little more focus. I'm always surprised when new employees come on the show and still have no clue how the format works.

    HossDaddy206HossDaddy20622 ngày trước
  • Jeff sucks

    Gilbert GotfriedGilbert Gotfried22 ngày trước
  • I would like to nominate Jetski for worst player in Dozen history, or at least worst performance. No offense, but holy crap i lost iq points listening to his "think it through" process

    Stephen ThompsonStephen Thompson22 ngày trước
    • i think Glenny Balls and his “before i was born” knowledge cutoff is far worse tbh

      Zach ZweifelZach Zweifel22 ngày trước
  • PUSHA T???????

    R S.R S.22 ngày trước
  • “Milan”

    Victor HolbertVictor Holbert22 ngày trước