Trivia Showdown: Major Trash Talk Settled In Match Between Hated Rivals (Ep. 082 of 'The Dozen')

11 Th02, 2021
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Who do you think will win this episode of 'The Dozen: Trivia Competition'?
Jeff Nadu, the BMOC, has been coming at KB over Geography trivia for MONTHS. They are finally set to go head-to-head to figure out the true KING of Geography as the second-ranked Frank & the Frankettes take on the debuting team of The O's.
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    Phil McCrakenPhil McCraken7 ngày trước
  • Surprise surprise... Nadu is all bark and no bite...

    Eric AngersteinEric Angerstein13 ngày trước
  • How do they not get Jon Diebler? Ohio’s all time basketball scoring champion in high school. Best player out of Ohio, Lebron is 5th

    August EggertAugust Eggert14 ngày trước
  • Brandon Staley is younger then Stafanski

    GavinGavin15 ngày trước
  • Nadu stinks and so does that kid. Oday is great on camera

    jordan Wenrichjordan Wenrich17 ngày trước
  • Could someone please get Jeff D Blow a chair... or a stool.... or something!?

    Ryan MillsRyan Mills17 ngày trước
  • Not being facetious at all when I ask this - do those three actually work at Barstool? Who the fuck are they? You could tell me they are just three idiots that live in Frank's apartment complex and I'd buy that. Literally never heard of any of them in my life.

    Jason StoeszJason Stoesz17 ngày trước
  • kb is a god

    Matthew OsbergMatthew Osberg17 ngày trước
  • thank you the mute is the worst lifeline by far

    Matthew OsbergMatthew Osberg17 ngày trước

    Trey HowdenTrey Howden17 ngày trước

    Trey HowdenTrey Howden17 ngày trước

    Trey HowdenTrey Howden17 ngày trước
  • With all the new teams, this needs to be a 3 time a week show. It has the base to support it

    Jared KempJared Kemp18 ngày trước
  • Owen looks like he's sitting on a zoom call for a math class.

    Eugene KrabsEugene Krabs18 ngày trước
  • Is it just me or does nadu have like freakishly small hands?

    matthew steegmatthew steeg19 ngày trước
  • Lol more like Jeff nadoodoo

    Will M.Will M.19 ngày trước
  • nadu entered the ring with floyd mayweather asking for kb

    MattyIceyyyMattyIceyyy19 ngày trước
  • the Stefanksi question is wrong. he’s older than Brenden Staley by a few months

    DJP 13DJP 1319 ngày trước
  • Jeff d lowe's a skell for this one

    Bryce RichardBryce Richard19 ngày trước
  • shake it by metro station has already been used as an instrumental in a previous game

    Michael NeerMichael Neer19 ngày trước
  • I was sitting here yelling intel from the time someone said fell and it took forever for Nick to name it

    Gunnar MichelsGunnar Michels20 ngày trước
  • The O's are the worst team in trivia

    Ryan ArchieRyan Archie20 ngày trước
  • Frank and the Frankettes vs Steven cheah big cat and Rone. Dream Matchup

    RayseryRaysery20 ngày trước
  • Nadu was all talk and no bite

    Devan HarnackDevan Harnack20 ngày trước
  • That bonus round was bullshit, you can't list conglomerate East Asian manufacturing corps like Foxconn and Pegatron and lump them in the same category as apple and Samsung. Who do you think makes apple and Samsung products? Frigging Foxconn and Pegatron

    Brian DalrympleBrian Dalrymple20 ngày trước
  • It’s my dream to be on the Dozen

    Jacob GuillenJacob Guillen20 ngày trước
  • That geography intro is electric

    StatutoryApe66StatutoryApe6620 ngày trước
  • tank got that mamba mentality 2:02

    Ryan MoRyan Mo20 ngày trước
  • "Touanrment" ... nice Jeff

    Mrbink01Mrbink0120 ngày trước
  • What a skel

    Mike MasielloMike Masiello20 ngày trước
  • Can anyone explain to me intelligently how Nvidia is not a top 20 "electronics" company in the world?

    JonJon20 ngày trước
  • brandon staley (chargers) is younger than stefanski

    Alex KempAlex Kemp20 ngày trước
  • You guys should get KB to play geoguesser

    Yung TervYung Terv20 ngày trước
  • Is Jeff D High? Looks like he's on molly.

    Tonius15Tonius1520 ngày trước
  • Tommy smokes told me this was an ass kicking and I love me a good ass kicking so I’m here

    AvalancheFan88AvalancheFan8820 ngày trước
  • Tyler odays head is a fucking problem. Commit to it dude.

    Matt CMatt C20 ngày trước
  • Metro Station was astronomically easier than Cobra Starship

    Chris MasserChris Masser20 ngày trước
  • My fucking god KB is a mastermind..holy shit

    Josh ConwayJosh Conway20 ngày trước
  • Even though he got his ass kicked I really respect Nadu for being a good loser. Didn’t like him before but I’m coming around

    C AC A20 ngày trước
  • Hate to say it, but even as a long time rider I must say Nadu is honestly pretty entertaining

    Brandon LondereeBrandon Londeree20 ngày trước
  • oh yeah my guys blake hoffarber and jon diebler!.. the fuck???

    Cowzz 42Cowzz 4220 ngày trước
  • Nadu was all talk

    Andrew BennettAndrew Bennett20 ngày trước
  • KB and Nick would be great without frank being a glob on the screen doing nothing but eating his belt

    Andrew WAndrew W20 ngày trước
  • KB with the bit on answering when it wasn't his turn, that was classic lol

    Jack GJack G20 ngày trước
  • Nick = Views

    Zach H.Zach H.20 ngày trước
  • KB just pants Nadu

    MADSAMURAI93MADSAMURAI9320 ngày trước
  • How is Facebook an electronic company? That is objectively incorrect. What electronic do they make?

    Joe ImreJoe Imre20 ngày trước
    • Oculus rift for one off the top of my head

      ClanBBQ4lifeClanBBQ4life20 ngày trước
  • KBs beating of Nadu was the worst beating between “experts” since Minihane beat Cons into submission on Bruce Springsteen knowledge.

    Kurt SKurt S20 ngày trước
  • 9th episode in a row of me commenting until there is a fan episode!

    Mothsbroths24Mothsbroths2420 ngày trước
  • nick = click

    Nigel WardropNigel Wardrop20 ngày trước
  • someone buy Nadu a pop filter ffs

    Sam ShappellSam Shappell20 ngày trước
  • Get that fat skell Nadu off my screen

    Tim MartinTim Martin20 ngày trước
  • Frank peering over at the framed, coach standings sheet 🤣🤣 it’s like cheating in school cause it’s on the posters 🤣

    Nosky2Nosky220 ngày trước
  • Frank and the Frankettes broke the record, Jeff did not put the double points on round 7

    Reid CrowReid Crow20 ngày trước
  • John Diebler was easy af

    MADSAMURAI93MADSAMURAI9320 ngày trước
  • Nadu is a fraud

    Ben CroninBen Cronin20 ngày trước
  • Nadu stinks ...skell!!!

    David KingDavid King20 ngày trước
  • I am trying to see Frank and the Franquettes vs PFT and Brandon. They are the funniest, most interesting teams

    Ethan WeilandEthan Weiland20 ngày trước
  • I'm at the 01:02 mark and just heard the announcement regarding the final two rounds being geography related.....I mean, they know KB is THEE Bob Ross of geography trivia, right?

    Jay P.Jay P.20 ngày trước
  • Can someone tell Owen to shut up, I can’t hear myself think

    Dogfather xxDogfather xx20 ngày trước
  • Frank and his fuckin belt holes lol

    Jay P.Jay P.20 ngày trước
  • Skell Dadu just walked into a gun fight armed with a copy of sports illustrated, what a schmuck

    Dogfather xxDogfather xx20 ngày trước
  • Def dont run it back. This aint it.

    Allen ChevalierAllen Chevalier20 ngày trước
  • KB>> encyclopedia

    Allen ChevalierAllen Chevalier20 ngày trước
  • nadu is a loser

    Kramer FeaselKramer Feasel20 ngày trước
  • I predict Conns is the 3rd member with PFT and BWalk

    lorax2000 [alann]lorax2000 [alann]20 ngày trước
  • No clue where I’ve heard Hitachi before 👀👀👀👀👀👀

    Brian RBrian R20 ngày trước
  • O'Days head looks like the photoshop layers weren't correct when adding his hair. Instead of on top of his head its behind it

    Jason SmithJason Smith20 ngày trước
  • Alphabet look into it

    Tex 777Tex 77720 ngày trước
  • The disrespect to Cali in the Geography intro felt unnecessary

    Wesley PrestonWesley Preston20 ngày trước
  • Brandon Staley is younger than Kevin Stefanski by 7 months

    Mathieu JubinvilleMathieu Jubinville20 ngày trước
  • taking on KB in geography is like trying to out spawn shawn kemp

    neilgdillonneilgdillon20 ngày trước
  • Never really seen Oday but he was actually pretty good on this

    SquidskidSquidskid20 ngày trước
  • Get nadu outta here he’s useless and not entertaining

    Dan CanyonDan Canyon20 ngày trước
  • Spunge, soap, paint or Owen. which one of these has the least personality or is speech capable?

    AquilaniAquilani20 ngày trước
  • Frank gives zero credit to KB and Nick when they get question right and freaks out of them when they think differently from him. They constantly have to walk on egg shells.

    Tanner WoodsTanner Woods20 ngày trước
    • that's Frank's personality. Big Cat and others have said Frank purposely never gives people compliments, even when greeting he answers their greet and doesnt respond with a "how are you" or any endearing gesture back. They're convinced Frank is an alpha mind-game wizard but everyone watching knows hes just your basic obese sociopath living next door lmao

      Stratus VapesStratus Vapes20 ngày trước
  • you gotta stop with the music instrumentals because many of them are tracks reused by these bands from other bands or are used by other bands now. furthermore, electronic companies is wayyyy to broad of a statement for the bonus round

    IcemanIceman20 ngày trước
  • Owen brings his Yak energy to the Dozen! Can't wait!

    mikedmoon2mikedmoon220 ngày trước
  • I can identify over 200 flags KB I challenge you to a flag off

    FlannyFlanny20 ngày trước
  • The only protein O'day has ever consumed squirted out of a penis.

    Jimmy StrudelJimmy Strudel20 ngày trước
  • Shoutout to all the CHEAPIES in the chat

    Ryan HerillaRyan Herilla20 ngày trước
  • If you just listen and don’t look at the screen Nadu sounds just like Frankie

    Austin DurhamAustin Durham20 ngày trước
  • Nadu claimed he could go toe to toe with KB on capitals and then drops the fact he only knows Europe and Asia

    H WinterH Winter20 ngày trước
  • That song was absolutely Glad You Came by The Wanted

    Collin PetersCollin Peters20 ngày trước
  • Nadu is a fraud

    Bruins94 LaurentBruins94 Laurent20 ngày trước
  • Frankettes had the mismatch with BMOC on KB and they just spread the floor and let KB go to work

    Peter McJigglePantsPeter McJigglePants20 ngày trước
  • The all Cheapies match up!

    Fatt MieldsFatt Mields20 ngày trước
  • What a terrible showing by the O’s 😂😂

    David BritoDavid Brito20 ngày trước
  • Jesus Christ O'day, shave your fucking head lmao

    NickNick20 ngày trước
  • Does anyone spell check these questions? "Minnestoa" "Touanrment"

    Michael FitzgeraldMichael Fitzgerald20 ngày trước
  • Was Nadu really talking trash before this? Cause that was embarrassing

    Paul GourleyPaul Gourley20 ngày trước
  • Cobra Starship is far more popular than Metro Station

    Dustin FugateDustin Fugate20 ngày trước
  • As a Ryder I’m both disgusted to see Nadu trying to slide into this contest and delighted to see him get destroyed

    matthew steegmatthew steeg20 ngày trước
  • Frank Should 100% be able to use whats on his wall, guy has had that stuff up there since before barstool

    spencer allenspencer allen20 ngày trước
  • Can we please not have Nadu on again? Guy is insufferable

    C MooreC Moore20 ngày trước
  • KB absolutely bodied Nadu on geography. Insane

    Joey SubaJoey Suba20 ngày trước
  • I can tell if BWalker is on the episode just by looking at the episode length

    Joe KelloggJoe Kellogg20 ngày trước
  • Low energy squad my goodness

    Johnny SilverhandJohnny Silverhand20 ngày trước
  • Just play eachother in geoguesser

    Christian ImbrugliaChristian Imbruglia20 ngày trước
  • I want to be as happy just once during these trying times as Mr. Lowe was during all the failed answers in overtime during Round 6. Also, KB is in fact a witch with Geography.

    Let's Storm The Tea Cup RideLet's Storm The Tea Cup Ride20 ngày trước